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Desperately needing new foster homes

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:43 pm by Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue

Guys,we are in a world of hurt here in Texas.  Dogs are coming in in droves right and left.  They are being surrendered by owners who are now homeless, by commercial breeders obviously getting rid of their breeding stock, back yard breeders getting rid of a few of their un-sellables.  It’s just unbelievable.  I get at least 2-3 emails a day and they want to surrender them in groups of 2, 3, 4 and even 6.

We need help.

We have taken in all that we can handle at this point without more foster homes.  We took in 18 just last month and now are being squeezed for foster space.  Many of these that we took in will need heartworm treatment so their stay in foster home will be drawn out.

A breeder called me last night wanting to surrender.  She has two more shih tzu from the “batch” that she turned over earlier this month, another two lhasas that are weaning puppies and once they are weaned, she wants us to take the moms.  Then there are three from her next door neighbor, a shih tzu “breeding group,” two girls and a boy. 

 We cannot take in these dogs until we get that many into foster homes – we cannot ask you to take unknown  dogs into foster, but we can ask you to take some of the dogs we currently have in the program, ones for which we know the habits, and that frees up a space for the new ones.

Here are the dogs that have been here a while that I’d like to get into a home….

Brenda Montgonery. 

Brenda Deogi 4-28-2008-033.JPG

Is this not the most beautiful little lhasa girl you’ve ever seen?  Brenda came to us from Montgomery County where they thought she was over 10 because of the horrible condition she was in.  When I saw her sitting in their lobby, I was unsure whether she was even alive, she moved so little.  Once we got her into the program and on some good food and meds, she came right out of that depression and became the beautiful little 6-7 year old girl you see above.  This is what she looked like when we first got her.


Amazing, isn’t it!

Another little fluffer I’d like to see go to a foster home is Camden Harris.

Camden Deogi 04-04-2009-6052.jpg

Quirky, crazy little boy.  He is just a doll.  If you have a little friend for him to play with, he will love you forever. 

How about this adorable little Cheddar Benson.  He came to us from a rural shelter near Houston and had to have his eye removed.

Cheddar Deogi 04-04-2009-6060.jpg

I’ll add more in a few days, but please consider fostering one or more of these little dogs.  If you’re interested and have adopted from us, you can pick one up this week.  If you haven’t adopted, please complete an application to foster and let us get the process under way fast.

Just email me at

Thanks for reading!







Update: Aliana Baton is healing from her hernia and eye enucleation

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:52 pm by Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue

Aliana Baton Deogi 05-02-2009-1050.JPG 
This little girl is so precious.  Her incision is healing well and she is coming out of her puppymill “stupor” – you know, that vacant, lifeless look so often found in the eyes of a puppymill dog. 
Now that she and her sister are running and playing in the daycare – still a tad shy of people, but getting along well.  It’s interesting to watch a puppymill dog blossom – they start out terrified of all people.  For the first month we had these kids, they were in one of the private boarding rooms (they had all kinds of worms so had to stay away from the other dogs).  They hid behind the chair the entire time, hardly peeking around the edge to see who came into the room.  So sad.
Slowly, they became curious about us and started coming out but couldn’t decide whether it was a good idea to stay out.  They would flit back and forth behind the chair.  Once their medical was done, we decided they needed a lot more exposure and put them into one of the playrooms.  At first, they hid in a crate in the back, but now they come out to see what’s going on.  They stand at the gate while we’re making the dinners and just wag their little tails.
They are also getting very playful now. 
Baton Sisters Deogi 05-02-2009-1010.JPG
These sisters are going to make someone a wonderful pet.  This is Annamarie in the front and Aliana behind.  The little head just peeking in to the left of the picture is Flora and behind Aliana, walking out of sight is Connie. 
But, Aliana still needs a tiny bit of funding for her huge hernia repair and eye enucleation. 
Aliana Baton – $700 for the hernia repair, removal of her shrunken, damaged eye and her pyometria.   So far, Aliana, the adorable, has $170 in her fund, but still needs $530.  If you can help this little puppymill survivor, CLICK HERE FOR PAYPAL, or to send a check, let me know HERE.  Or, to use a credit card, DOWNLOAD the FORM HERE and fax it to me at 713-583-7816 or 281-754-4851.


Update on Connie Baton

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:28 pm by Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue

Connie Deogi 05-02-2009-1018.JPG 

 Well, little Connie Baton caught a lucky break.  Connie’s collapsed lung was a anesthesia fluke and after we took her to GCVS for a consult with the expert doc, we re-xrayed her chest and thankfully, her lung had re-inflated again on its own.

Her total bill turned out to be only $270 – no ultrasound needed!! YEAH!

As of right now, she has $225 in her fund thanks to Mike Birke in honor of Buster and Daisy, Linda Bridges, Lorna Van DeWeile and Rosmary Cody in memory of Tami and Sam.  Little Connie Baton needs only $45 for the GC bill and probably another $200 or so to remove that eye!  She will be spayed, her dental and the eye removed next week – then ready for adoption.  Anyone interested, apply at  She is just precious! If you can help this little puppymill survivor, CLICK HERE FOR PAYPAL, or to send a check, let me know HERE.  Or, to use a credit card, DOWNLOAD the FORM HERE and fax it to me at 713-583-7816 or 281-754-4851.


Dogs are coming so fast, I don’t even have time to write!!! – Say hello to the Baton Sisters!

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:10 am by Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue

What the heck is going on in the pet dog world?  In the past few weeks, since just April 1, we have been asked to take in a HUGE number of puppies and breeder dogs!!  What does that mean?

The first week of April, we took in four breeder dogs – all females – Connie, Flora, Annamarie and Aliana.  

Connie had a shrunken eye and was severely underweight at 5.6 pounds – she should be at least 8. 

Aliana also had a shrunken eye, most likely from a dog fight, and a HUGE hernia. 

Baton Rouge Flora Paul Rioux JPs Mill Dogs-1001_edited Flora Baton.JPG

Say hello to Flora Baton.

Baton Rouge Paul Rioux JPs Aliana Mill Dogs-1011_edited Aliana Baton.JPG

This is Aliana and here….

Aliana Hernia Baton Rouge Paul Rioux JPs Mill Dogs-2001.JPG

is her hernia – big enough to be an entity in itself.

Connie Baton Rouge Paul Rioux JPs Mill Dogs-1004_edited Connie Baton.JPG

This one is Connie.

And finally…..

Annamarie Baton Rouge Paul Rioux JPs Mill Dogs-1008_edited AnnaMarie Baton.JPG

this is Annamarie!

They were all a total mess – but with about three weeks of good food and supplement and lots of love…meet the new dogs…

 Flora Baton Deogi 04-24-2009-1097.JPG

This is Flora – at first glance, she seemed to be in good health.

As did Connie.  Other than her shrunken eye.

Connie Baton Deogi 04-24-2009-1100.JPG

Annamarie seemed in fairly good health.  Here she is with Aliana after Aliana’s surgery.

Annamarie Aliana Deogi 04-06-2009-3002.JPG

Ok, so they all look great and once their immunizations were done, we started getting them ready for adoptions.  But, we immediately sent Aliana to our vet for surgery to correct the hernia.  Our vet is very conservative when it comes to hernias that are NOT umbilical hernias – other hernias could actually be the intestines pushing out through a tear in the stomach wall and can easily turn and become necrotic.  His philosophy in this saved Aliana’s life – not because the hernia was her intestines, but because as he did her spay along with the hernia repair, he found a massively infected uterus.  It was the size of a large hot dog and full of pus.  She could have easily died of this horrible infection.

Then, the adventure this week.  We sent the other three for their spay this week.  Bloodwork was good so the vet went forward – we always screen for kidney and liver disease (I know, it’s not a critical rescue expense, but is absolutely worth while).  Both Flora and Annamarie’s spay went fine, but 10 minutes after they were closed up, they started bleeding heavily into their abdomen.  After redoing the internal stitches twice more, the vet was finally able to get them to stop bleeding.  Turns out their uterus had been used so much, the blood vessels were extremely large and difficult to keep sewed together.  The vet said they looked like the uterus of a boxer, not a nine pound shih tzu – Thankfully, both were repaired and are back with us. 

Then, almost tragedy.  Connie started crashing under anesthesia.  She started breathing in a very labored manner so the vet opted to pull her out of anesthesia.  Thankfully, he was able to pull her out of the crash and saved her life.  He x-rayed her abdomen and chest and found….drum roll please…. a collapsed lung.  Or missing lung, or something.  Just not a lung full of oxygen. 

Connie Baton One Lung x-ray.jpg

See above, the dark area is a lung full of air – there is nothing on the other side.  They believe it is collapsed and/or may be full of fluid.

As you all know, we try to raise funds from our newsletter supporters only for the unusual, extraordinary vetting.  We do lots of other fundraisers – photoshoots, etc.  But, our veterinarians have had to raise their prices this year – this is the first time in 4-5 years since the prices have gone up, and he does need to make a living.  But, this is going to cause us to have to do one of two things – either cut back on the number of little fluffers we take in or ask you all for a tiny bit more per dog.  We’re going to start by asking for a little bit more in donations – I know you all are hit hard by the economy too, but these dogs are being dumped left and right – so I just have to try!

We’ve just about figured out that the breeders are having trouble selling their “merchandise” so are now dumping the dogs so as not to have any more expenses.  I’ll be telling you soon about a few more.

But, back to the Baton Sisters.  For their vetting, they need the following…

Aliana Baton – $700 for the hernia repair, removal of her shrunken, damaged eye and her pyometria.   If you can help this little puppymill survivor, CLICK HERE FOR PAYPAL, or to send a check, let me know HERE.  Or, to use a credit card, DOWNLOAD the FORM HERE and fax it to me at 713-583-7816 or 281-754-4851.

Connie Baton – $400 for the ICU, X-rays and the consult with the Gulf Coast Radiologist.  Another $400 for the ultrasound and consult with the internal medicine specialist at GC which is scheduled for TOMORROW.  I may need to ask for a lot more if she needs speciality surgery.  But for now, she needs a total of $800.   If you can help this little puppymill survivor, CLICK HERE FOR PAYPAL, or to send a check, let me know HERE.  Or, to use a credit card, DOWNLOAD the FORM HERE and fax it to me at 713-583-7816 or 281-754-4851.



Fluff of the week…Ashley Wilkes Fitzgerald

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:18 pm by Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue

20090404 Ashley.JPG

Hello!  My name is Ashley and I am one sweet guy.  I am a Southerner so I am also quite debonair even though I don’t look like it!  Actually, my picture makes me look a bit pathetic, but you should have seen me just a few months ago!!!  I am one of the Hairless North Carolina Shih Tzus rescued last summer from horrible living conditions.  When I came to Lone Star I had worms, no hair, mange, and really bad skin.  I hadn’t had a bath, proper nutrition, or even routine medical care in my first home.  I am VERY lucky to be here!  My brothers and sisters and I are now ready for adoption.  You can tell who we are on our Petfinder pages by our movie names!  We were named after the characters in “Gone with the Wind” because we are survivors!!!!

As you can see, my hair is starting to grow back.  It seems to grow really fast around my neck so it looks like I am wearing a feather boa.  That’s not very manly but it is HAIR!!  My head is a little bald now, but hopefully that will grow soon.  I know I will never have a beautiful long Shih Tzu coat, but I do have hair now and that’s what counts!!!  I am about 6-7 years old and I weigh 10 pounds.  I am a little shy, but once I get to know you I am very friendly and loving.  My foster mom says that I am sweet-tempered.  I get along well with by foster brothers and sisters too.

I would love to find my forever home.  I need to know that I am special and that I am loved.  Now that I know what the good life is – I want more!  I am very lucky to be here, but I would be luckier to find my very own family to love.  If you think I might fit into your home, please contact my foster mom at  She’ll tell you what a special guy I am.   Also, please check out my very own Petfinder page.

I am altered, up-to-date on all my shots and heartworm negative.


Benjamin Ranger is adopted!! One-eyed, almost dead shih tzu gets the home he deserves!

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:42 pm by Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue

Benjamin Adopted2.JPG 

Benjamin Ranger, otherwise known as the one-eyed wonder dog, was adopted today by Tracey Aleman and her family of San Antonio, TX. Benjamin will be the newest member of the Aleman family, joining their 7 year old cocker spaniel. The Alemans are repeat adopters. Seven years ago they adopted Buddy, who recently passed away of old age. Attached are a few snap shots of a very happy Benjamin and the Aleman’s  son, Nicholi. I’m so excited for Benjamin and am glad he was able to find his “furever” home.

Benjamin Adopted.JPG

CLICK HERE to read Benjamin’s original story.  It’s quite remarkable.

This is what he looked like when we first got him into Lone Star.


We can only do this because of our wonderful supporters.

Please consider a small donation to our LSSTLAR Veterinary fund!

To help us continue our mission to save those that others have passed by, please use THIS LINK for paypal, or THIS LINK to send a check.  Download the credit card form HERE and fax it to 713-583-7816. You guys are the GREATEST!!


Princess Pei Pei still needs help with heartworm treatment!

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:23 am by Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue

Princess Pei Pei 009.JPG 


I’m sure you remember Princess Pei Pei.  She came into our rescue severely underweight, heart worm positive, sick with kennel cough, and with a cherry eye.  She was a mess!  It took us over a month to get her over the cold and some weight on her before we were ready to spay her and have her cherry eye surgery when she came down sick again with kennel cough! It appears to have been a relapse.  She finally got well and had her spay and cherry eye surgery.  We had thought this poor little underweight girl was pregnant when we got her, but it was luckily determined to be a false pregnancy.  After the spay and her hormones going crazy, she developed a full blown false pregnancy!  Her belly swelled and she had lots of milk.   It took a few weeks for her to dry up!  She has been through so much and now she faces having to undergo heart worm treatment.  She seems to be healthy now and although still on the slender side, she is eating well and at a much healthier weight now.   She needs your help to raise the funds for her final treatment so she can finally find her forever home.

If you can donate, please use Paypal HERE or send a check HERE or use a credit card HERE.

Aliana Baton – huge hernia and pyometria

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:22 am by Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue

Baton Rouge Paul Rioux JPs Mill Dogs-1011_edited Aliana Baton.JPG 

With all the overwhelming load of dogs we have, of course, we get yet another email about a few breeder dogs that need somewhere to go.  An independent rescuer in Baton Rouge, LA, took several little dogs from a local breeder (one breeding “toys” and “imperial shih tzu,” etc so obviously one of the worst kind).  Four of the little females were in HORRIBLE shape.  She took them to the vet for basic shots and a quick exam.  I must say the vet’s notes were amazing.  “terribly emaciated,” “3-4 pounds underweight,” “punctured eye,” etc. 

Baton Rouge Paul Rioux JPs Mill Dogs-2002.JPG

Cute little Aliana had a HUGE hernia on her belly and if there’s one thing our vet worries about, it’s large hernias in puppymill survivors.  So she went to see him immedidately after arriving.

Lucky thing she did, too.  When he went in to fix the hernia and spay her, he found that she had a huge pyometria.  He said her uterus looked like a yellow hot dog – completely full of pus.

She also had a punctured eye that he removed while she was under.

Her total bill was just over $450.

If you can help, please use PAYPAL HERE or send a check HERE or use a credit card HERE.

Mae Davis Update

Posted in Uncategorized at 7:21 am by Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue

Well, her problem is not a fungal infection.  Cultures show three types of bacteria.  Hmmm.  They are now analyzing to see what type of antibiotics these bacteria might be sensitive to.  Keep your fingers crossed that we can figure this out!




Update on Mae

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:38 am by Lone Star Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso Rescue

Mae Deogi 04-05-2009-3126.JPG 

Little Mae may have caught a lucky break.  Our vet suspected a nasal tumor because of the resistance her infection showed to all antibiotics.  We sent her to Gulf Coast to see what the situation was.

Dr. Heidi Hottinger, probably the best soft tissue surgeon in the state, took her case since we thought we would have to remove a tumor.

We went forward with the CT scan because of the urgency of her condition.  I told everyone that all of you would not want us to wait and that we would find a way to pay for her scan.

Dr. Hottinger found a place in her nasal cavity that looked bad, but not necessarily a tumor.  She obtained several samples and sent them off to the lab for biopsy and we’ll know for certain on Wednesday or Thursday.

In the mean time, we still need funds to pay for her procedure.  As a matter of fact, the bill was quite a bit higher than anticipated since they took all the tissue samples and sent them for biopsy.  The total was $2130.

To date, Tuesday 5:30 am CST, we have raised $305 for her.  Mae sends thanks to Pat Heitman, Valerie Newman (HI!!), Janet Bello, Anna Dee Lastick, Tom Propst in memory of Little Bear, Anon in honor of Catharine Harper.

If you can possibly help little Mae, please GO HERE to use paypal, or send a check HERE or use a credit card HERE.

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